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In partnership with EMCO, there was held 2019 Auto Lady Competition

The 2019 Auto Lady Competition was held in Uglegorsk district on the basis of the Sakhalin Mining College and was timed to celebrate the Driver’s Day. East Mining Company took on the role of event sponsor. 
The Competition was held for the first time in Uglegorsk. It was attended by 16 residents of the district. The youngest of them is 18 years old, the oldest one is 55. She was the one who became the winner and took the top prize and Auto Lady 2019 title. Despite her respectable age, Lydia Malashenko scored the highest at each round of the competition, demonstrating the expertise and experience of a professional driver. 

All contestants showed good knowledge of the traffic rules and the ability to handle the car. Margarita Nedorezova won in the nomination “Lady Erudite”, and the title "Lady Virtuosa" went to Julia Frolova. 

East Mining Company representatives congratulated the winners and other participants, noting the high professionalism of women drivers not only on the roads, but also in a business environment. For example, currently at Solntsevsky Coal Mine, the fair sex successfully drives Komatsu dump trucks with a cargo capacity of 90 tons each. And from the first days of work the female crew demonstrates a high level of professionalism, being competitive enough with male crew teams.