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Председатель Совета директоров «Восточной горнорудной компании» Олег Мисевра выступил на съезде «Деловой России»

Oleg Misevra, East Mining Company Chairman of the Board of Directors and a member of the Coordination Council of Business Russia, spoke at the Business Russia XIV All-Russian Congress, which was held on November 6 in Moscow. In his speech, he touched upon the topic of developing the investment attractiveness of Russian regions. He mentioned the amendments to the tax code adopted at the federal level as one of the effective tools from a business point of view. The amendments took effect on January 1 of this year and allow deducting the cost of investment from the taxable profits of enterprises.

“The law was adopted at the federal level, but we need the appropriate local acts for a full-fledged work,” noted Oleg Misevra. - However, during the whole year the legal framework was updated in Karelia only. We all, the representatives of business, are waiting for reciprocal steps from the authorities of the other regions.” During the discussion, the foregoing initiative was supported by Maxim Oreshkin, Russian Federation Minister of Economic Development, who was present at the event. He also urged local administrations to become more active in this part.