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The sea port Shakhtersk has built up the length of the conveyor network up to 4,5 km

The Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, LLC has put into operation a new section of the conveyor belt of the length being equal to 1,4 km, and as a result having increased the total length of the conveyor network up to 4,5 km. The warehouse complex discharge capabilities were expanded up to 4 400 tons of coal per hour through the use of a new area.

The key feature of a new belt is the unique width 1800 mm: previously the port hosted the terminal network equipment with the width of the belts being equal to 1000 mm and 1400 mm. Beyond that, the belt is fitted with the dustproof system and magnetic catchers of metal garbage. During the coal handling the water spraying equipment prevents from generation of coal dust in the areas of coal pouring, and the magnetic plants improve the quality of fuel, cleaning it of unnecessary impurities on the way from the stockpiling places to the holds of the roadstead loading vessels.

Mr. Yuriy Gvozdikov, the Director of the sea port, notes: "After we put into operation new heavy-duty conveyors, this provides our enterprise with the opportunity to ship up to 14 million tons of coal per year".