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The First Female Crew of Mining Trucks Began Working at Solntsevsky Coal Mine

Currently, four women work in the heavy machinery of the enterprise. New employees received Komatsu dump trucks with a tonnage of 90 tons each to transport overburden rocks. From the first days of work, they have demonstrated excellent results, fulfilling the established production standard without failures and incidents. This is a total of about 120 thousand tons of cargo transported per month.

New employees of the mine were not always drivers of mining equipment. For example, Elena Poluektova before had been working as a forewomen at a confectionery factory for 13 years. She got her first experience driving a dump truck in Khakassia.

- When I received a proposal to re-train as a dump truck driver, I decided at first just to look at these machines. After all, I’ve never been to coal mines before; I haven’t even seen dump trucks on TV. And, frankly speaking, the first thing I experienced when I arrived at the enterprise was a shock. The equipment seemed to me just huge. And now I can’t imagine myself in another profession, - Elena said.

After Khakassia, the woman worked as a driver in Murmansk region, now on Sakhalin. Elena is satisfied with her Komatsu. As she says, the machine, despite its impressive size, is convenient and easy to drive.  

The first women-drivers at Solntsevsky mine have appeared for a good reason. In connection with plans to increase coal production since the beginning of this year, about 30 dump trucks were delivered to the mine. As a result, there was a need for 150 additional qualified drivers. Strict requirements are imposed on driving of the mining equipment. In order to drive a truck it is not enough to learn how to drive it. Practical and trouble-free work experience is required.

- Unfortunately, the Sakhalin labor market has long experienced an acute shortage of experienced mining equipment drivers, so we periodically look for the appropriate experts in other regions. Since the female crews have already proven themselves in other mines, we decided to introduce a similar practice in our enterprise, - Sergei Hubert, head of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine Road Transport Department, said.

It is quite possible that in the course of time the number of women drivers in the enterprise will increase. The need for such experts in the mine is still there. Sakhalin residents who want to control the machinery can be trained here. For this purpose, all necessary conditions have been created at the mine.