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Oleg Misevra has presented the Port of Shakhtersk Development Strategy at the meeting held by the Sakhalin Region Acting Governor

Oleg Misevra, the Board Chairman of East Mining Company participated in the meeting regarding the development of sea ports in Sakhalin Region. The event was chaired by Valery Limarenko, the Head of the region, in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and hosted owners, executives of companies, operating the region’s major ports, as well as regional and local administrative authorities and representatives of regulatory agencies.

In his report, Oleg Misevra described the details of the port’s development strategy. In the next four years, EMCO is going to invest around 20 bln Roubles for the development of coal production and offloading in Uglegorsk Region. The company aims at increasing coal offloading from 7.5 mln tons (as per 2018) to 20 mln tons after 2022. The money will also be spent on further upgrading and technical re-equipping of coal offshore terminal, including the development of offshore, administrative and storage infrastructure, gaining the mooring and offloading capacities and fleet.

“According to schedule the coal loading capacity shall increase to 100 ths tons per day”, Oleg Misevra said. “Considering no limitations of vessel drafting, all this will allow us accepting and processing dry-cargo carriers of almost any type”.

The further gain of port capacities may give an extra momentum to the development of service and associated business; allow upcoming diversification of the port activity and using its new capacities for the general demand of Uglegorsk Region.

In particular, what is meant here is the construction of an in-house bulk liquid base of EMCO in the port so that to store diesel gas and marine fuels, and to further store natural compressed gas (NCG). The company considers the conversion of its transport to natural gas vehicle fuel. According to the experts’ opinion, the fuel demand of EMCO (130 ths of diesel gas fuel per year) even with the partial conversion to gas fuel will not result in total capacity utilization of NCG regional mini-plants, which product and transport fuel. Moreover, the company will work at the option of direct supplies of fuel and lubricant materials from the ports of Primorsky Region Territory to the city of Shakhtersk. The port has all necessary permissions for accepting basic types of fuel. All this would further allow providing companies and fuel stations of Uglegorsk Region with fuel and lubricant materials and NCG, which would benefit its cost, considering the optimization of fuel storage and logistics processes.