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Winners of VICTORY 2 MISSION in Sakhalin e-sports Championship announced

Sakhalin summed up the results of the regional e-sports Championship "VICTORY 2 MISSION" timed to celebrate the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. This year the championship was attended by over 500 players from 90 teams throughout the Sakhalin Region.

Players fought in the popular multiplayer online games “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and “Dota 2”. The organizer of the championship was the "East Mining Company" with the support of the Sakhalin Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.

“The first championship which was organized last year was attended by 350 players from all over the Sakhalin Region. This year there are more than 500 participants which shows growing popularity of cybersport disciplines among young people on the island”, noted EMCO.

The final of the tournament which determined the winners in two disciplines was held on May 9.

The first places in both disciplines were retained by the winners of the last championship. The “Cyber ​​Arena Solnce” team became the winners of the “Battle for Sakhalin” final game in Dota 2. The permanent captain of the team Dmitry said that they made the decision to participate as soon as they heard about the start of registration for the second championship. The team was confident that it would take a prize.

“JapaneseSTORM” team took the first place in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. The captain of the “JapaneseSTORM” team Egor noted the higher level of players in the new season. Moreover, there are more players in the second championship. Therefore, it was more difficult to play but it also made it more interesting and the victory became more significant. Egor also noted the increased level of many organizational issues that made the championship even more exciting for both players and fans. The second place in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” is taken by the “Revenge” team for the second year in a row (in the first championship the participants played under the “Last Chance” clan-tag). The second place in "Dota 2" was taken by the “Monster.Team” team.

The first places were also held by the participants of the last year's championship "Battle for Shakhtersk", the final of which took place on May 4.

The first place in “Dota 2” was taken by the “Fotografiruju zakat” team. Despite the fact that the name for opponents and fans is new, the team of the winner of the last championship has undergone minor changes. Last year the participants performed under the name “GSL”. The captain of the team Konstantin noted that the changes in the membership took place immediately before the championship, but the participants were still able to rally and show a good game. Leading position in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” for the second consecutive year with “BorrowSquad”. Team captain Sergei said that there were also changes in their membership, but the participants played in a few days and were confident in the prize-winning place. Moreover, they knew the tactics of their opponents last year, which allowed them to place the necessary accents and increase their level almost twice. The second place in the “Battle for Shakhtersk” in “Dota 2” is taken by the “Intelligent strike” team, in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” the silver was taken by the members of the “Fatality” team.

The online e-sports championship "VICTORY 2 MISSION" timed to coincide with the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory was held in the Sakhalin Region from May 1 to May 9. The event brought together over 500 Sakhalin e-sportsmen. Within the framework of the championship two tournaments were held. The first one "Battle for Shakhtersk": from 1 to 4 May took place among the teams participating in the Uglegorsk District. Teams from all over the Sakhalin Region were able to take part in the second tournament “Battle for Sakhalin” which took place from 5th to 9th of May. The total prize fund was 150 000 rubles. Recordings of the final broadcasts and media materials are available on the official website of the event at