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Nikolai Borovoy: "The company is growing, and I am growing with it"

The first hero of the project "Our People", timed to coincide with the Miner's Day and the 10th anniversary of the EMCO, spoke about his career journey.

Nikolai Leonidovich Borovoy came to work at the Solntsevsky coal mine in 2012 as a district mine surveyor of the mine surveying service. He became the first employee of the newly created department of mining planning, and today he works as its head.

I myself am a native Sakhalin, I was born in Shakhtyorsk. After school, he went to conquer the mainland, studied at the Pacific State Khabarovsk Institute with a degree in land surveying engineer. After studying, he immediately planned to return home for a short time. I had an internship at the section and a workplace was already waiting for me. I wanted to work for a year or two, gain experience and go back to the mainland. But everything turned out differently, and I have never regretted it.

At first, Nikolai worked mostly in the office, processing field data. And it was there that the understanding came that the enterprise was not going to stand still at all. New equipment began to arrive, robotic total stations, aerial photography, the most modern software at that time, began to be introduced at the section. At the same time, all personnel were constantly trained, improved their knowledge and skills.

It became very interesting! The company develops, does not stand still, and I go hand in hand with it.

In 2015, a new position was introduced at the SCM. Nikolay modestly comments, as if specially for me. He became deputy chief surveyor. He himself began to train new employees, formed a team and moved on to mining planning. Here, by itself, the optimal solution came - to create a new department, to withdraw it from the surveying service. So the planning process went into a separate structure.

At first, I was the first and only employee there, a designer. Our structure can be said to be the brain of the entire enterprise. We build the entire mining process, then we control and support it. So that everything that we conceived, carefully designed, was carried out. At the same time, we just switched to new software. We decided to abandon the most common - AutoCAD. Still, it had a limited range of action. On it, we basically could only work in 2D mode. Micromine completely removed these problems (ed. note Micromine is a mining and geological information system for 3D modeling of deposits, design and construction of actual mine workings, planning of mining operations). In simple terms, this is a full-fledged 3D software. I can see the open-pit from a bird's eye view, this allows us to more rationally and correctly evaluate the work of the enterprise as a whole.” Moreover, a little later, ground penetrating radars appeared in the arsenal, and then the geomechanical service. It allows not only to see all the processes in the open-pit in 3D online 24 hours a day, but also to predict the behavior of the rock, watering and other factors that must be taken into account when planning work.

Nikolai Borovoy has been working at the Solntsevsky coal mine for 12 years. And it never crossed my mind to change jobs. This is exactly the company that fully corresponds to the life position and character of our hero: do not stand still, use the most modern technologies, stimulate the growth and development of its employees.

There are specialists who come here for money, but there is no desire to work. But they immediately understand that the enterprise is huge, they need to make every effort to keep up with it. Some people succeed, some people don't. A young specialist came to me, he had an internship as a student. He proved himself, and we offered him to come to us as a design engineer, and after a year of work he became my deputy. My colleagues and I are a living example of the fact that if you are hardworking and want to study, then the company will definitely support you and allow you to move up the career ladder. What else do you need to feel and be a true professional?