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New Record of Miners from East Mining Company

Miners increased labor productivity up to 80,000 cubic meters per day in stripping works.  The previous indicator was equal to 70 thousand cubic meters per day with average stripping works of 55-60 thousand cubic meters per day. For most of the Sakhalin coal-mining enterprises, such volumes of mining are a monthly norm.

In general, in January 2015, East Mining Company produced stripping works in the volume of 1.7 million cubic meters. This is more than 60 percent more than the same period indicators in 2014.
Record indicators are the result of the active investment policy of East Mining Company, which allowed serious modernization of the mining equipment park at the Solntsevsky coal mine. In 2015, the volume of investments will increase from 850 million rubles to 1.2 billion rubles.