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The Solntsevsky Coal Mine reaches the record-breaking 10 million tonnes of coal

For the first time in the history of the Sakhalin Region, the amount of extracted coal reached 10 million tonnes. Since the beginning of 2020, the record-breaking volume has been reached at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, a main coal extracting asset of the East Mining Company.

The Solntsevsky Coal Mine merged with the East Mining Company in 2013. Since then, the extraction amount has grown for more than 5 times and, by the end of November, has reached the milestone of 10 million tonnes. The Company is a leading producer of thermal coal on Sakhalin, and the cumulative indicator of production at EMCO is over 80% of total brown coal production in the region.

“The record-breaking production amount is an indicator of Company’s efficient work and competent management of business processes. We expand capacities of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine every year, increasing machine performance, expanding our fleet of mining and conveyor machinery, and implementing modern technologies. Today, the coal mine works as a unified integrated system, which allows us to control extracting volumes at each stage.  Now, we can confidently say that 10 million tonnes is the start of a new working stage for the whole family of the Company. We are planning to double that volume in the future”, commented Ivan Podgornykh, Production Deputy Director at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

To celebrate 10 million tonnes, the Solntsevsky Coal Mine held a special event. The observation yard with a panoramic view of the whole mine was chosen as the location for the event. Here, the activities are underway round-the-clock and without any shutdowns. From here, the guests could appreciate the whole scope of the production that allowed to reach the record-breaking volume in just 11 months.  Ivan Podgornykh, Production Deputy Director at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, thanked all employees for their coordinated work and high performance. The coal mine celebrated the milestone of the extraction volume with 10 horn sounds from BelAZ.

Anatoly Balakin, Director at the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, held a congratulation speech. He emphasized the importance of collaborative work for the two key production assets of the East Mining Company. The efficient performance chain, from extraction to shipment, allows the Company to increase the volumes every year, maintaining EMCO’s position as one of the major Russian coal exporters to countries of the Asia-Pacific.

Andrey Serov, first Vice Mayor of the Uglegorsk District, emphasized the importance of this occasion: “Ten million tonnes is a record-breaking amount not only for the Company, but for the whole Uglegorsk District. This result would be impossible without competent management, timely upgrade, and high-quality collaborative teamwork. Thank you for your effort.” The highlight of the event was the presentation of the milestone symbol. The big fragment of coal rock from the record-breaking batch was presented to Andrey Serov as a sign of industrial and economic growth in the Uglegorsk District.