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Ikea trash was removed in Uglegorsk by RMM workers

While clearing out landfills one after another in the Uglegorsk region, employees of EMCO enterprises joke that this way they can build a dacha and assemble a car. There you can often find standard sets of old household appliances, tires and construction waste. So this week, the RMM company, with the assistance of the administration, dealt with three such repair monuments at once as part of the “Fight for Landfills” project.

The target of the guardians of the city order is comfortably located near the mouth of the Tukhlyanka River. Judging by the variety of garbage, it is not a popular place for those who like to dispose of waste to a landfill. In one of the piles, for example, there was a sofa, a refrigerator, furniture and dishes. Others consisted of rusty auto body parts and tires.

RMM workers, with the help of a front loader, famously dealt with the waste from the Uglegorsk residents, sending them to the landfill. The result was neither more nor less - three dump trucks or 40 m3 of garbage. Agree, a good start for the debutants of the war against landfills.

Thus, “Fight for Landfills” has already united four enterprises of the EMCO group of companies, the Sakhalin Mining College, as well as the administration and the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Housing and Communal Services” under the standard of cleanliness. We will find out next week whether the fighters against landfills will manage to reach the anniversary 1000 cubic meters by the beginning of October.