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The best are with us: East Mining Company is hiring 8th grade excavator drivers

Do you want to get a demanded and well-paid profession? Drive excavators Hitachi EX 3600, Komatsu PC 4000, Liebherr 9400? Come work for us!

Requirements for a candidate:

  • - Experience with excavators with a bucket capacity of at least 22 M3 and a straight shovel for at least 3 years: Hitachi EX 3600, Komatsu PC 4000, Liebherr 9400
  • - Discharge from the 8th
  • - Electrical safety approval
  • - At least 3 years experience in coal mines
  • - Willingness to work on a rotational basis 30/30


  • - Official employment. Timely salary
  • - Complete social security
  • - Rotational method 30/30
  • - Place of work: Sakhalin region, Uglegorsk district, object "Solntsevsky coal mine"
  • -Good technical condition of the equipment
  • - Payment for travel to the shift and back (the Company purchases tickets)
  • - Medical examination at the expense of the employer in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. A hotel is provided for the duration of the medical examination.
  • - Accommodation in a hostel
  • - 3 meals a day
  • - Salary from 240,000 - 300,000 rubles before taxes

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Build your excavator career with us. You can apply for a job at this link. Our company is always open to new talents.