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When minutes count: EMCO employees are trained in first aid skills

The training center of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine hosted the first lesson on providing basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Under the guidance of doctors, the employees of the enterprise mastered the technique of indirect heart massage and artificial ventilation of the lungs before the arrival of doctors.

Everyone has heard about first aid in one way or another, but only a few really know how to carry out these important manipulations competently.

Each of us, not having a medical education, can provide first aid that will save human life. In order to provide it correctly and on time, certain skills are needed, which we teach. We want to conduct such classes on a regular basis so that our employees know a clear first aid algorithm and can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation correctly without panic, - said Ekaterina Belyaeva, SCM therapist.

After getting acquainted with the theory, the employees of the EMCO worked out their skills on a mannequin.

 - I learned about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to do it. The strength of the pressure range is also important here, how much you need to press, in what rhythm and how deep. How to do artificial respiration correctly. Well, I tried myself in intensive care, - Natalya Orlenko, the inspector of the personnel department of the SCM, told with interest.

Now our colleagues will be able to react quickly and not panic in an unusual situation. Properly rendered first aid can save the life of the injured.