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Career growth and free education: Ugolgorsk residents can get the sought-after profession "Pumping unit operator"

East Mining Company continues to recruit among residents of the Uglegorsk region for free training in the specialty "Pumping Machine Operator".

Learn more and sign up:


Within a month, applicants for the position will study the theory at the Sakhalin Mining Technical School as a "Pumping Engineer". And then the future specialists will have an internship at an industrial facility.

Upon successful completion of the qualification exam, candidates will be admitted to the staff of the EMCO and become part of a close-knit team. Or they will be included in the personnel reserve of the company.

Requirements for candidates:

* Age from 18 years old

* Secondary general education (on the basis of 9 classes)

* Desire to grow and develop

If you have long dreamed of changing the field of activity, learning new things, do not put off the dream indefinitely. Send an application for training and become a part of the EMCO!

Recall that the company is also recruiting for a training program in the specialty "Inspector of the main conveyor." Residents of Uglegorsk can learn a profession for free and find a job at the EMCO.