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SakhGT (Sakhalin Mining College) students explored the opportunity of building a successful career with the Solntsevsky coal mine

The East Mining Company held an interactive meeting with senior students of the Sakhalin Mining College within the scope of the employee training program for the Solntsevo coal mine. The students were suggested to take a fresh look at their profession and were told about career development prospects to be explored. 

Professional activities of many students of this educational institution are connected exactly with the Eastern Mining Company and its production assets. Over 300 graduates of the mining college are currently working at the Solntsevsky coal mine. 

During the meeting, the company representatives told the students studying at the Open-pit mining department about career opportunities available at the Solntsevsky coal mine, and also organized online testing for knowledge of job specifics in the coal industry. Having connected to the test server via mobile phone, each participant was able to test his/her level of knowledge. The students whose final score was above 70% of correct answers were awarded with branded gifts from EMCO. The online testing excited a high interest among all participants of the meeting, so EMCO plans to introduce new formats of interaction with students in the future, including technical innovations as well.

 “As a rule, after graduation, a young professional works in the chosen profession, without giving much thinking to available future prospects. We decided to tell them about how to successfully build a career with the Solntsevsky coal mine with the key specialties presented as cases. We discussed successful cases of employees who had grown from entry-level employees to executives”, said Yaroslav Tormyshev, EMCO Deputy General Director for Human Resources.