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The terminal of the East Mining Company Limited shipped the record-breaking 1 mln tons of coal in May

Following the results achieved in May, the quantity of coal month shipments at the offshore terminal of the East Mining Company Limited in Shakhtersk exceeded 1 million tons. Despite the inclement weather conditions for the most part of days of the month, the personnel of the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk LLC succeeded in increase the production parameters for 120 thousand tons in reference to projected 880 thousand tons.

The production records of achievement are the direct consequences of the investment programme for engineering re-equipment of the port. Since the beginning of the year two new Stackers are being operated in Shakhtersk. These are shiploaders with a capacity of 1000 t/h, which provide services to the fleet of vessels modernized last year of the bearing capacity being equal to 500 tons. Furthermore, in 2017 the port clamshell grabs were replaced (the volume of grasping jaws being equal to 14 m3).

The company schedules to replenish production capacities with the backfitted reloader Emco-1 which will build up the figures of daily transshipment up to 52-53 thousand tons.

"Obviously, the new equipment contributes to enhancement of efficiency of our activities", - Mr. Yuriy Gvozdikov, the Executive Director of the Coal Sea Port Shakhtersk LLC elucidates, - "But, the co-workers starve for approving themselves. We are driven by the result. We have already blueprinted to beat the current record in June".

The offshore terminal of the East Mining Company Limited, i.e. the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk LLC, is the largest coal terminal in the region. In 2017 the quantity of coal shipments amounted to 4,6 million tons. The plans for 2018 relate to shipment of 8 million tons. For the purposes of dynamic development of the terminal capacities, the East Mining Company Limited invests in renewal of port infrastructure, equipment and in development of roadstead fleet.