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"EMCO" provided the bulk of the record figures of the coal industry in Sakhalin

By the end of 2018, almost 11 million tons of coal was mined on Sakhalin for the first time in history. Almost 70% of this volume was provided by the Solntsevsky coal mine of the East Mining Company. Such data were announced at the board of the Sakhalin region Ministry of Housing and Communal Services based on the results of the coal industry.

- The coal industry on Sakhalin shows a good momentum of development. In 2018, compared with 2017, coal production increased by 40 percent, tax deductions of enterprises increased by one third. Today we are the leader in coal production and export in the Far East. It is necessary to adhere to this high level in the future, - the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sakhalin region Vladimir Sidorenko noted. 

The board members also noted the positive dynamics of coal exports. In 2018, it increased to 10 million tons. Of these, 7.5 million tons were shipped by "EMCO". Sakhalin coal is actively bought by countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  One of the factors of its demand is high-calorie content.

The deputy chairman of the regional government paid special attention to the importance of meeting the requirements of environmental safety, especially during transshipment operations in ports.

Reducing the impact on the environment in the extraction and shipment of coal is a priority direction in the activities of EMCO. Earlier on the Solntsevsky mine, the company put into operation a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour. In 2019 another one will appear, but 5 times more productive. EMCO plans to invest about 150 million rubles in its construction. In the port of Shakhtersk, comprehensive monitoring of the terminal's dust impact on the adjacent territories was organized. The port's conveyor network is equipped with water spraying equipment to combat dust, and a mobile dust suppression unit has been acquired.