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EMCO has selected the contractor to construct a 28-km coal conveyor

As a result of the tender of projects, the French RBL-REI SA, one of the world engineering leaders, was assigned as the contractor to perform the construction works for the 28-km main coal conveyor. The contract for the production, supply and installation of the respective equipment was signed in Moscow. East Mining Company Transportation Systems Limited, the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok, has become the signatory from the party of EMCO group.

The coal conveyor in the territory of Uglegorsk Region in Sakhalin Region will be the most extensive in Russia. It will connect the key production assets of Solntsevsky Coal Mine Limited with the Coal Sea Port Shakhtersk Limited. According to the company’s comprehensive development strategy, the construction of conveyor is one of the key measures to further increase of coal production and export shipment from 7.5 mln tons (as per 2018) to 20 mln tons after 2022.mln

The production of the equipment will start in May 2019, and by the end of the year the construction works will commence. First, the vertical levelling of the conveyor path, earthwork operations and foundation arrangement will be done. The construction is scheduled to be finished by 2021. The project’s total costs are pre-evaluated as 7.8 bln Roubles. EMCO is the project’s investor. In the next 4 years, EMCO plans to invest the total of around 20 bln Roubles into the development of coal production and export in the municipal unit territory.

The project is supported by the federal and regional authorities and is implemented in the mode of the Free Port of Vladivostok. “The main coal conveyor in Uglegorsk Region will be one of the most innovative not only in Russia, but in whole world. The launch of this project will considerably decrease the motorway load in the region and will have a positive impact on the ecology, as it will be “closed” along its entire length. The implementation of the project will create additional high-tech workplaces, largely increase our tax payments into the regional and municipal budgets”, Oleg Misevra, the Board Chairman of EMCO, said.