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East Mining Company Limited, the Partner of Case-in, provides workplaces to the best students of the Championship

The regular stage of the International Championship Case-in, the one of the largest practice oriented contest in Russia and CIS countries dedicated to solution of real world problems among the youth, came to an end.

The East Mining Company Limited is the partner of such Championship for some time now. The representatives of the company's enterprises are directly involved in its running as experts and adjudicators.

The purpose of participation of the East Mining Company Limited in the Championship is the set up of the employee pool from among the students who introduce the "mining engineering" branch.

The students' league in the field of "Mining Engineering" has a face-to-face contest format among the students of the Higher Education Institutes, who in their teams, numbering 3-4 persons, solve the engineering cases in the field of the Mining engineering dedicated to real-world workplace problems and elaborated on the basis of the files presented by branch enterprises.

The running of the Championship is advantageous for both the Company and the students. As for the East Mining Company Limited it is the method to detect the most promising young professionals. For students it is the good method to manifest their knowledge and to achieve the work place for themselves at the largest enterprises of the country.

The final Championship's stage occurred in the following Higher Education Institutes, i.e.: the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok) and the T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University (Kemerovo). The Company's representatives selected the best students. Such students were provided with the offer to take their industrial placement at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine. For the present, there are 51 such students, but the Company is good to widen this list. Prior to the beginning of June, the relevant contracts will be signed with them. The students, during the industrial placement, will have not only the hands-on experience at the largest opencast coal mine in Sakhalin Region but they will earn their first money using the lessons learned in the Higher Education Institute. The Company may pay for their transportation expenses and accommodate them as such. Following the results of the industrial placement, the newly-qualified mine workers, who approved themselves, will be offered regular job.

The East Mining Company Limited drums up the best young professionals well beyond a year under the principle "industrial placement – provision of employment". In the year-earlier period, the 4 higher-ed graduates of the Far Eastern Federal University, after traineeship, were employed at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine. One of them is Anton Igorevich Mayzik, displaying a multifaceted approach towards the solution of production problems, has been upgraded, and now he holds the office of the Deputy Director of the Surface Mining Operations Department.

The East Mining Company Limited operates the much the biggest, according to coal mining, enterprise in Sakhalin, i.e. the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, and the much the biggest, according to coal shipment by offshore terminal, i.e. the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk LLC. The Company actualizes the investment project dedicated to build-up of mining and shipment of coal in the Sakhalin region up to 12 million tons annually. In March 2018, the subsidiary company of the East Mining Company Limited, i.e. the EMCO Transportation Systems became the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok, and intends to build, by 2022, the conveyor line for coal transportation from the Solntsevsky Coal Mine to the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, continue down to 28 kilometers.