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East Mining Company Expands Capacity

Now at Solntsevsky coal mine there operate 12 units of globally produced heavy machinery. It is noteworthy that all machines have been assembled in Yaroslavl and, in fact, are considered domestic.

Also, as the management of East Mining Company notes, in the near future miners will receive 7 more BELAZ trucks 75131 with a carrying capacity of 130 tons. Machines have already begun to arrive in Sakhalin, their assembly and commissioning will take place in January 2015.
Earlier in 2014, 2 largest Komatsu PC2000 excavators on Sakhalin with buckets of 12 cubic meters started operations at Solntsevsky coal mine.

In addition, the park of EMCO machinery was replenished throughout the year with new bulldozers, graders and forklifts. In general, the scope of investment at East Mining Company at Solntsevsky coal mine in 2014 amounted to 850 million rubles. This is more than 50 percent of investments in Sakhalin Region.
This allowed to increase the volumes of coal mining and stripping works, and also significantly bring East Mining Company to leaders not only in terms of coal production - about 70 percent of brown coal in the region, but also in terms of the salary level of miners.