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The soul sings: residents of the Uglegorsk district can reveal their vocal talent and learn to sing professionally

If you can’t live without music, you sing always and everywhere: in the shower, in the car, on vacation or in a bar, and your talent is torn beyond the company of friends, then participation in a vocal competition is your chance to be heard.

Restaurant "Mountain and Sea" announces a large-scale karaoke contest #TALANT2023, in which we will determine the best singer of the Uglegorsk region! Registration for the qualifying round will last until April 1.

The karaoke contest cannot be called an ordinary competition. Those who cope with the excitement and pass the qualifying round will have a chance to reveal their talent and develop their vocal abilities. Participants will receive serious training. Professional teachers will help them develop their voice and expand their repertoire. The contestants will take stage speech courses, learn how to move on stage, and improvise.

The uniqueness of such a competition is that you can improve your voice, in a short time, sing more beautifully, more convincingly and learn new songs. After that, you can sing karaoke and more! As a result, our participants will participate in city programs and holidays, - Alexander Orlov, the host of the competition, said.

The contestants will prepare for the grand final for almost a month. The final will take place on April 27 at 19:00. All participants are guaranteed prizes from partners.

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