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New digital technologies will help EMCO to mine more coal and more efficiently

The company's specialists have created a 3D model of the Solntsevsky Deposit, which is being developed by EMCO, as close as possible to reality. It gives a more accurate picture not only of the surface but also of the structure of the deposit reserves for the entire explored depth: bedding of coal seams, the volume of reserves, quality and physico-mechanical characteristics of coal, amounts of overburden. The new digital pit model allows from 2020 to more accurately predict the prospects of field development, to implement more effective EMCO plans of coal production at Solntsevsky coal mine, to choose quickly the most optimal variant of mining operations.

To create a digital version of the quarry, the company's specialists used the capabilities of Micromine information system, the most advanced in mining-and-geological works.
- Implementation of Micromine software allows us to move to a completely new level of work, to optimize the process of short-term planning of mining operations, to make it more qualitative and operational, taking into account many factors. Specialists of the enterprise can now independently and in a short time to perform the tasks of design organizations and give ready-made solutions with optimal development of the field, - said the chief surveyor of Solntsevky coal mine Yuri Zalunin.
To create the 3D-model of the field, data from earlier geological prospecting and production works, digitized drawings of previous years, data from classical mine surveying and aerial photographs were used. This information was integrated into the system and processed into a single all-in-one model of the deposit within Solntsevsky coal mine.

One of the key features of the program is the ability to predict the characteristics of the coal planned for production, which allows EMCO to optimally ensure the production of high-quality solid fuel. This is extremely important in a competitive Asian-Pacific market.

- East Mining Company is one of the largest Russian exporters of brown coal to the Asia-Pacific countries. We pay special attention to the quality of our products. Micromine information system has such technical capabilities that allow us to complete tasks as efficiently as possible, - said EMCO head of the Department for geoinformation technologies, mining-and-geological modeling and mining operations planning Vitaly Furgalev.

The specialists plan to develop an automatic algorithm for rebuilding the production unit model taking into account new exploration and exploitation data. This will allow to quickly adjust the model if necessary. 
The launch of Micromine system not only opens up new opportunities for coal mining, but also transforms the "workplace" of  Solntsevsky mine employees responsible for mining-and-geological modeling and planning of mining operations. To manage these processes on the basis of the new software package, the existing service of the enterprise, currently consisting of two specialists, will be transformed.  In the near future, the number of employees will increase significantly, all of them will undergo the necessary training to work in the new conditions, the service will be complete with modern equipment.

The introduction of the mining-and-geological Micromine information system is EMCO next step towards the creation of an integrated geoinformation space, which allows to improve the processes associated with coal mining and the achievement of new, more ambitious production indicators. Earlier, at Solntsevsky coal mine, an automated control system for mining and transport equipment was introduced. It allowed for a significant modification of this process and reduced costs associated with the previous management system of the vehicle fleet.  
East Mining Company is the largest enterprise in the coal mining industry of the Sakhalin region and one of the most dynamically developing companies in Russia.  

According to the results of 2018, the company got and exported 7.5 million tons of products, entering the list of the 20 largest coal producers in Russia, as well as the top ten exporters of Russian coal. In the future, this figure is planned to be increased up to 20 million tons.
A number of large-scale investment projects of the company are implemented within free port of Vladivostok regime. EMCO not only develops production and shipment of coal, but also creates conditions for the formation and development of service areas in the Sakhalin region.