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Crimean Shipbuilders Built a New Dry-Cargo Vessel for Sakhalin

According to Sergei Shtrakhov, Deputy Director General on Port Operations, East Mine Company, after elimination of the deficiencies identified during sea trials, "Valeriy Onishchuk" will leave for the Port of Shakhtersk, Sakhalin Region. This will be the second dry-cargo platform vessel of the project DCV52 - in 2013 the dry-cargo vessel "Andrey Artemenko" started operations in the Port of Shakhtersk.

The new dry-cargo platform ship will replenish the port fleet of East Mining Company Limited, which currently consists of dry-cargo vessels with the deadweight of 3,5 thousand tons and 1,7 thousand tons and tugboats.

For the first quarter of 2014, the Port of Shakhtersk shipped more than 150 thousand tons of coal. At the same time, for the first time after a long period, the shipments were not stopped in the inter-navigation period. This was facilitated by a rather favorable ice situation.

As East Mining Company notes, they plan to achieve daily port productivity at the level of 10 thousand tons, which enables to ship at least 200 thousand tons per month.


For reference: East Mining Company Limited unites "Sakhalinugol-2" LLC (Solntsevsky coal mine) and "Obogatitelnaya fabrika" LLC (Port of Shakhtersk). The volume of coal production at Solntsevsky coal mine in 2013 amounted to 1.8 million tons. The volume of coal shipment in the port of Shakhtersk amounted to 1.2 million tons. 

 Southern Sevastopol Ship Repair Plant, LLC was established in March 2002 being located in the water area of Sevastopol Sea Fishing Port. There are 9 berths, PD-6 floating dock, PK-66 floating crane, MB-21 tug, pontoons at the disposal of the enterprise. 
"Valeriy Onishchuk" - project DCV52 - is a dimensional modernization of the platform vessel on the project D080M, developed in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for KM L4 R2 class. The DCV52 project vessels are designed for coal roadstead handling, as well as transportation of general and bulk cargoes on the open deck which may be wet, including metal, timber, coal, bulky and heavy cargo.

The main area of operation of vessels is in the Far East - the ports of Sakhalin, so the vessel dimensions were chosen based on the port dimensions. The main vessel characteristics: length overall (with a guardrail) - 75.00 m, width overall (with a guardrail) - 16.50 m, draught at the summer load waterline for international voyages - 3.24 m, deadweight for draught at the summer load waterline - 1,861 tons, draught for R3 class (raid and coastal navigation, cargo transshipment) - 3,364 m, deadweight in the area of R3 - 1,992 tons, permissible load on the cargo deck - 5,5 t/m². In the course of modernization, sea endurance of the vessel (up to 50 days) was significantly increased due to installation of additional fuel tanks.