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50+ Employees of Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk Trained by Liebherr

The excavator and loader drivers of the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, one of the main production assets of East Mining Company, have completed a week-long training in the effective driving of Liebherr vehicles. The training course was developed to meet the individual requirements of the Port of Shakhtersk, given the specifics of production processes and operation of Liebherr vehicles. 

Drivers were divided into two groups: excavator drivers and loader ones. The theoretical part involved Liebherr coaches providing the guidance for driving each type of vehicles in the form of detailed reports to be used as training manuals in the future. In the course of practical training, the use of technology in practice was evaluated, typical errors were considered, and best practices were studied in the field. The coaching staff especially noted the professionalism of the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk's excavator drivers. 

"The production fleet in the Port is mainly consists of Liebherr vehicles. Currently, we have 26 Liebherr -branded units, including R 976 excavators with a grab volume of 10 cubic meters, which we were the first in Russia to adapt for coal handling operations to be conducted directly in the port. Such grab volume provides an effective method of sampling, and, therefore, requires the proper use of reloaders, given the specifics of the work area.  Every year, the fleet is updated and replenished, and new driving techniques and features appear. Therefore, the company's representatives regularly train our employees," Anatoly Balakin, CSPS executive director, is quoted as saying. 

At the initiative of the CSPS management, it was decided to create a video manual to use in the future for training new employees and analyzing possible errors in the workflow. To this, options were recorded in a video format to cover the key points of the Port where Liebherr vehicles are operated.