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Over 4,000 Sakhalin Residents Take Part in the Miners Day Holiday from EMCO

The spectacular 12-hour show took place in Uglegorsk district of Sakhalin region. The event was dedicated to the professional holiday of coal mining workers - Miners Day. Arranging a large-scale celebration on the occasion of the miners’ professional holiday is a good tradition of the East Mining Company. In Uglegorsk district, there is an

EMCO key business asset and the largest coal mining enterprise in the Far East - Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

This year, well-known teams once again helped creating the atmosphere of the company’s holiday. Guinness World Records champions and world champions Danil Kalutskikh and Valentin Chetverkin demonstrated breathtaking acrobatic tricks; winners of the title “The Best Violin Duet” - V-Play presented a virtuoso performance of classical music; the stars of the TNT channel - The Zaitsev Sisters duet pleased the audience with new jokes. The music program was performed by the holiday headliners - the Adventures of Electronics group and DJ Groove.

The Governor of the region Valery Limarenko congratulated the residents and guests of Uglegorsk district on the Miner's Day on behalf of the regional government. Then, together with them, he took part in a gastronomic interactive show. Under the direction of professional chefs, guests of the holiday prepared a miner's ukha (fish soup). The last and main ingredient - “coal” – was added thereto by the Governor of the region. After that the tasting began.

- The ukha was great! Very tasty cooked! The holiday itself is well organized, and the masters of ceremonies are just great! We always like it here, Miners Day is a family holiday and a special day for us,  - Viktor Pikalov, a miner with 40 years of experience, shared his impressions.

This year's festive program was full of thematic interactions. For example, the Olympic boxing champion Oleg Saitov held a public exercise with the guests of the holiday. Numerous children's zones were especially popular among young participants. One of them is the site of the young miner, where the guys had a bash at driving mini-excavators, copies of the Solntsevsky coal mine mining equipment.

One of the most anticipated elements of the program was the traditional World Cup for the fastest eating of a miners’ breakfast - a snack. It is a sandwich with a thickness of 3.5 centimeters. In the final round, it was necessary to prepare the snakes independently and eat three such sandwiches in the shortest time. The regular participants know it and prepare for the competition in advance, trying to eat nothing for a long time. This year, for the third time, the champion title was confirmed by Maxim Dunov. The winner received a cash prize of RUB 50 thousand.

Every year, there become more participants of the holiday. This time over 4,000 people visited it. The number of people employed in the coal industry of the district is also increasing. Today, 1,100 people work at EMCO enterprises, and 1,800 more work in related fields. Addressing the holiday participants and congratulating them, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the East Mining Company Oleg Misevra noted a special role in the development of the coal industry in Sakhalin and Uglegorsk district, in particular, industry veterans, and thanked the teams of the company’s enterprises and partners for their responsible and coordinated work, thereby the mining and shipping of coal are developing in the urban district, and the contribution of miners to the socio-economic development of the region is increasing.

- Behind every ton of mined coal, behind each new company record there is a personal contribution from each of you, support from your loved ones, - Oleg Misevra emphasized.

Fireworks were the traditional finishing touch of the Miners Day festive program.