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More than 30 students of Sakhalin Mining College have done a training at Solntsevsky Coal Mine

As part of the training program of skilled staff for the coal industry, Sakhalin Mining College students specializing in Open mining and Dispatcher service, have undergone a two-month training at Solntsevsky Coal Mine, which is part of East Mining Company asset.

During the internship, EMCO coaches trained future coal miners to operate bulldozers and excavators in in-situ working conditions of the mine. It should be noted that on the territory of Sakhalin Mining College there are installed training simulators for honing large-sized equipment skills, but training in real conditions of Solntsevsky Coal Mine allowed students to test their knowledge and fully master the process in practice.

In the context of the mine digitalization development, one of the most popular specialties today is a single dispatch center operator. This is where all real-time information from the mine is transmitted and accumulated. Working in a single dispatch center requires concentration and precise management. Supervised by the task managers, Sakhalin Mining College students mastered the basic principles of action and day-to-day control of business processes using technology, communication and networking.

Today, Solntsevsky Coal Mine employs almost 300 people who received education in a specialized technical school. The company expects that at least 10 graduates of this year, having undertaken the internship, will remain on a permanent basis. "For maximum efficiency, the company has developed a mentorship program," says Pavel Knyazev, Deputy CEO for HR at East Mining Company. - Working with young staff not only allows us to select the best and most promising employees, but also gives the opportunity to the masters to discover their full potential. They improve their managerial skills and focus on the principles of training and development of employees of various professional levels."

"Sakhalin Mining College and EMCO have been working together for more than 5 years to train professional staff for the coal mining industry. During this time, more than 230 students of our college were trained at Solntsevsky Coal Mine. And it is the acquisition of practical skills that allows students to apply in real life the knowledge obtained within the walls of our educational establishment", - said Sakhalin Mining College Director Sergey Astakhov.  

High-quality training of young specialists in the mining industry is one of the priorities of the company's HR policy, so the company pays special attention to cooperation with educational institutions. In the nearest time, students of higher educational establishments will be trained at Solntsevsky Coal Mine.