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Over 100 employees of Solntsevsky Mine Were Awarded for Their Contribution to the Development of the Sakhalin Coal Industry

The company employees were honored on the occasion of the Miners Day. The Governor of Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko, member of the RF Federation Council of the Russian Federation Yuri Arkharov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Georgy Karlov, deputies of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Alexander Bolotnikov and Oleg Saitov personally congratulated the miners on their professional holiday. Representatives of the municipality administration, headed by Mayor Sergei Doroshchuk, deputies of the district assembly, and representatives of the branch trade union association also took part in the ceremony.

— A coalman, mine – this sounds proudly. Representatives of these professions are respected people in society. Your work makes a significant contribution to the economy of the region. Separate words of gratitude to industry veterans. You have laid a solid foundation on which the new generation of miners is leaning. Largely due to this, the coal industry of the region is successfully developing today, - Valery Limarenko noted.

The head of the region noted that today the Sakhalin coal industry is demonstrating growth dynamics that far exceed the pace of development in other sectors. Every year, production increases by 20 percent. At the end of 2018, the bar of 10 million tons of coal was overcome. Solntsevsky coal mine of the East Mining Company provided 70 percent of the increased volumes. This year, EMCO plans to produce even more - 10 million tons of coal.

- Almost every month you set records. It is a habit of winning, and it is a hallmark of our employees. We are actively growing, and now we are already 1700, and with related enterprises - almost 3,500. Think about it: three and a half thousand real professionals, united by a common reason and a common result! Do not forget that the well-being of the entire region also depends on the quality of our work, - Oleg Misevra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EMCO, said.

Achievement of ambitious production tasks is possible for EMCO due to a large-scale program of technical re-equipment. The company seeks and implements the best, most advanced in the Far East and in Russia, in general, and often non-standard solutions. Today, Solntsevsky Coal Mine has more than 200 units of modern mining equipment. When equipping a vehicle fleet, EMCO focuses on large-capacity equipment, acquiring unique models adapted to Sakhalin conditions and comfortable for drivers. One of them is the flagship Russian-made excavator EKG-20, which was provided to the mine this year. The company pays special attention to improving the efficiency of production processes. The dispatching and control system for mining equipment helps it in this. This year, the company begins construction of a main coal conveyor that will connect the Solntsevsky coal mine and the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk. It will become the longest in Russia and one of the longest in the world.

Many warm words about the role in development of the Sakhalin coal industry, development of the Solntsevsky deposit were addressed to veterans who were personally present at the event. They are regular and honored guests of the holiday. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude for their work, the participants of the event literally gave to veterans a round of applause. Former director of Solntsevsky mine, one of the most honored workers in the Sakhalin coal industry, Vasily Lomaga reminded the audience about the difficult period in the company’s activities in the 90s, chronic underfunding and its vague prospects, noted the significance of the level of its development for the industry, for Sakhalin. He also thanked EMCO for their attention to coal miner veterans and wished colleagues new successes in their work.
In honor of the professional holiday, more than 100 employees of Solntsevsky coal mine were awarded with prizes and valuable gifts. Two excavator drivers Sergey Kobzarev and Igor Tolkach were awarded the 1st degree honorary Miner Glory badge of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

- Presentation of the award was an unexpected and exciting event for me. It is very honorable for a miner to get the Miner Glory badge. I’m proud that I work at an enterprise that is developing dynamically, proud of my and our common achievements, proud of Uglegorsk district, - Sergey Kobzarev subsequently shared his impressions.