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BELAZ presented a diesel trolley-truck experimental model to the EMCO delegation and the Sakhalin Region

BELAZ Company, the world's largest producer of quarry equipment, demonstrated to the East Mining Company delegation and the Sakhalin government the work of the first BELAZ-7530E dump truck in diesel-trolley design.

For this purpose there was created a testing ground for diesel trolley-trucks with a contact trolley line for a total length of more than 400 meters, 33 supports and a 1.8 MW traction substation at the production site in Belarusian Zhodino. Within the coming months, complex tests will be carried out on it, which will have to confirm the forecast performance indicators of the trolley-truck modification for the dump trucks.

The opening ceremony of the site and the demonstration of equipment was attended by the Minister of Industry of the Belarus Republic Pyotr Parkhomchik, Chairman of the Government of the Sakhalin Region Alexey Belik, General Director of BELAZ JSC Sergey Nikiforovich, as well as a representative of a potential customer of the first experimental batch of diesel trolley-trucks, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the East Mining Company Oleg Misevra.

Presenting to the audience not only a diesel-trolley truck model, but also as a surprise another promising development – a fully electric dump truck on accumulator batteries, the General Director of BELAZ JSC Sergey Nikiforovich noted: "The production of such machines is a promising direction for the development of BELAZ quarry equipment, considering global trends in the use of alternative energy sources. The operation of diesel-trolley trucks contributes to reducing emissions of harmful substances into the environment and improving the environmental situation in quarries and adjacent regions. We offer comprehensive solutions for all necessary infrastructure. And we believe that this approach will help our consumers to increase productivity and reduce the cost of transportation."

The representatives of the state authorities of Russia and the Republic of Belarus who were present at the event highly appreciated not only the scientific, technical, business, but also the environmental potential of the development. Pyotr Parkhomchik and Alexey Belik promised to make every effort to help in the project implementation to become a vivid example of mutually beneficial interstate cooperation.

The subject line was also supported by the key business partner of the project at the moment. Oleg Misevra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Mining Company, one of the largest coal producers in the Far East, said: "Now we are actively engaged in similar projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint. As a potential interested customer we try to be as involved as possible in the development and testing of new products. We are actively discussing with the Belarusian side the pilot operation of the machine at our Solntsevsky Mine. I hope that everything will work out with comprehensive administrative support."

According to the preliminary agreements of the parties, in 2022 there will be built an appropriate infrastructure for conducting complex operational tests of diesel-trolley dump trucks on the territory of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine in the Uglegorsk District of the Sakhalin Region. At the first stage there will be built a pilot section of the trolley line with a length of 1.5 km, on which 5-6 such machines will work. In the future, if the declared technical and economic indicators are successfully achieved, the possibility of expanding the experiment up to the complete transfer of the entire fleet of dump trucks will be considered.

East Mining Company is implementing a Green Coal Cluster project in Sakhalin. According to the company plans in the coming years, a full-fledged infrastructure will be created in the Uglegorsk District, which is key for EMCO business allowing to minimize the carbon footprint from production activities. This is fully consistent with the global environmental initiative of the Region. The project outline on the part of EMCO will include the longest main conveyor in Russia for transporting coal from the mine to the port (23 km), a wind farm with a design capacity of 67.2 MW. In addition, one of the strategic projects is to replace the fleet of BELAZ dump trucks with a current load capacity of 220 tons with an experimental model of diesel-trolley trucks.

This initiative of the Company has already received the support of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, as well as the Governor of the Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko.

"We decided for ourselves in principle that the Sakhalin Region should be an environmentally friendly region. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to become an experimental platform for achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. And it is very important that the largest enterprise of the coal industry of the region, the East Mining Company, is actively integrating into this experiment and switching to environmentally friendly methods of coal mining and transportation," said the Head of the Region, Valery Limarenko.