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BelAZ and East Mining Company Limited are planning to sign an agreement during Forum of Regions

As reported by Ms. Olga Gavruk, the Head of External economic relations Department of Economic Board of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, to BELTA OJSC "BelAZ" is planning to sign several strategic cooperation agreements during IV Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia. According to Ms. Gavruk "signature of strategic cooperation agreements with several mining companies, operating BelAZ machines, is on Forum agenda”.

Joint-stock company "Siberian Anthracite", Siberian Coal Energy Company and East Mining Company Limited are on the list. OJSC "BelAZ" will present eight Belarus-Russia co-projects at the Belarusian goods exhibition, arranged in terms of IV Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, including mining truck with 240 t capacity, mining truck BelAZ-75318, mining truck BelAZ-7530D, mining truck with 90 t capacity, robot-based portable system for installation on mining trucks with 90 - 450 t capacity, BelAZ -78250 front-end loader with increased loading height, gas-fired mining truck BelAZ-7547 with 45 t capacity, covered truck (model 11-9931). During the exhibition the producer will present its promotional video and make presentations about Belarusian "BelAZ" and its products with 10 BelAZ machines prototypes placed on illuminated display platforms.

IV Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia will be held in Moscow on 29-30 June with its core objective being extension of regional cooperation between Belarus and Russia and establishment of direct contacts between the regions, companies and organizations in various spheres.

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