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All-Russia “No turnstile week” initiative was supported by East Mining Company Limited.

The “No turnstile week” initiative, aimed at occupational guidance of schoolchildren and youth, has been launched in Russia. The event has been traditionally held since 2015 in terms of the Federal program “Work in Russia!”

Whereas “occupational guidance” is quite a boring expression, career choice is a serious issue. However very few schoolchildren ask themselves who they want to be. According to statistics more than a half of graduates have never attended the major enterprises of their city and hardy know what they want to do in future.

As reported by “Uglegorskiye novosti” newspaper “No turnstile week” is aimed at helping children in making their career choices. Throughout the week schoolchildren of Uglegorsk district visited the key enterprises and organizations of the district, including Solntsevsky Coal Mine, port of Shakhtersk, Sakhalin mining college, veterinary station, district hospital”.

The students of Shakhtersk school No 1 visited the port, where Vladimir Suchenko, Traffic logistics expert, shared with them the company’s development perspectives with specification of port vacancies and staff salary. As noted by Vladimir, after Shakhtersk port opens its customs point the knowledge of English will be one of the essential requirements in terms of staff recruitment.

The children saw the coal delivered to the port from Solntsevsky coal mine and put into storage in huge piles, further boarded on vessels. At first the black fuel is loaded on self-propelled vehicles over conveyor belt, which further lay out. Then the coal is unloaded on huge 30-th. or 70–80- th. “Panamaxes” (due to their size they cannot reach the berth) with deck cranes at which 14-cub. grabs are installed. By the way this year the first vessel in the port dispatched on 9 April: dry-cargo vessel GladMark with 56 th.t. deadweight anchored at the roadstead on 6 April.

Some students saw the port for the first time and were impressed by the company’s production capacity. “Actually it’s very interesting to see people working here, to know what they do”, — they noted.

The students of Uglegorsk school No 5 were impressed by the excursion to Solntsevsky coal mine, where they witnessed the full cycle of coal mining and watched the steel giants in action. They learnt that the huge machines are delivered to the mine in parts and are further assembled here. Right here in special heated shedders the staff repairs heavy machinery. The students were surprised to find out that the replacement of one wheel of a huge BelAZ truck costs 2 million rubles.

Further on they visited Sakhalin mining college, the largest Sakhalin alma mater for mining staff, which has recently celebrated its 70-th anniversary, where they learnt about the professions they may get (motor mechanist, welder, operations control center operator, road and construction machines driver, open cast mining, construction painter, maintenance and repairs of vehicles), as well as their demand.

The theory was translated into practice: the students learned how difficult it is to operate large-tonnage mechanisms, which are used for instance in coal mining industry: dredger Komatsu, BelAZ, loader. The college disposes of unique facilities — interactive simulators, which imitate large transport facilities control. Both the boys and the girls impatiently waited for their turn to get behind the wheel of the auto giants.