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Or they could become garbage: ten hectares of safe coverage were made from tires of Sakhalin BelAZ trucks

One of the iconic eco-projects, a plant for the processing of oversized tires, has been operating on the territory of the technology park of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine of the EMCO group of companies for almost a year. During this time, thousands of used tires from BelAZ trucks, excavators, dump trucks and cars have received a second life. Safety coatings made of crumb rubber were laid on one hundred thousand square meters of sports and children's playgrounds in the Sakhalin Region and beyond.

The plant started operating in April 2022. Huge, car-sized BelAZ tires are continuously supplied to it. They are cut into pieces with special scissors and sent to a crushing machine. The cleaned crumbs are sent to customers. In total, about 1.5 thousand tons of tires were recycled.

Enterprises of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and SakhMC volunteers helped the plant to collect another 50 tons of tires from passenger cars. The guys literally saved the coast in Ilyinsky from an ecological disaster, got tires out of ditches and removed them from the forest in the Uglegorsky district.

 - We did a great job last year as part of the Green Patrol movement. Of course, after each such trip, you get very tired, but when you see the result: clean shores, forests, neat playgrounds. I immediately want to repeat the action. Hey, where are the other tire dumps? - asked the head of the volunteer movement Ekaterina Shurupova.

During the construction season, the finished crumbs went by caravans of trucks to the sites of the Sakhalin Region, went to Primorye and even to the Khabarovsk Territory. The main buyer was satisfied with the products and talked about how much coatings were made.

 - I can’t even count the number of objects that we managed to make, only in the Uglegorsk district, we made 8 playgrounds and a hockey court. Of the big ones - treadmills at the stadium in Gornozavodsk. Only one hundred thousand square meters of safety coverage. There are no questions about the quality - it is on the high level. Well, the most important plus is the delivery time and minimal logistics costs, - said Alexei Belozerko, head of the Integrated Solutions company.

This year, the East Mining Company plans to recycle more than 3,000 tons of old tires, and volunteers to make the area even cleaner. In addition, used tires are accepted from legal entities under an agreement with EMCO Service. The issue is being resolved with the Ugolgorsk authorities and other municipalities on the organization of sites for receiving such waste.