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50 combat missions, 700 hours in the sky: East Mining Company installed a commemorative plaque in honor of the legendary pilot

The East Mining Company, within the framework of the "To Remember" project, immortalized the name of the hero-pilot Alexander Martynovich Budkov. On the Day of Air Force Navigator Service, a memorial plaque was installed at house No. 2 on Zavodskaya Street, where a veteran of the Great Patriotic War lived.

In total, during the war, Alexander Martynovich completed 50 combat missions, flew about 700 hours, and led 330 aircraft into battle. He retained the personnel without a single loss, which is very rare in the combat operations of the flight crew. Alexander Martynovich lived in Uglegorsk on Zavodskaya street, 2 since 1971. As a pensioner, he worked at the Pulp and Paper Mill. The veteran was an active participant in public life and was engaged in the patriotic education of youth.

This is a legend for us, his name is even on the bow mountain in the historical museum. It is necessary that people know our heroes. I feel proud that we have such fellow countrymen-heroes. And I am very glad that there is such a project "We Remember", thanks to it the names of veterans and their deeds will never be forgotten, - shared Nadezhda Skorobogatova, chairman of the council of veterans of the Uglegorsk city district.

For bravery and courage in carrying out combat missions, Alexander Martynovich was awarded the Orders of the Red Banner, Alexander Nevsky, "Patriotic War" I and II degrees, the Red Star and many medals.

Today, on behalf of all residents of the Uglegorsk district, I want to thank the East Mining Company for their initiative, to thank the administration of the Uglegorsk city district for supporting this wonderful idea, and, of course, our museum staff, who are always happy to support this idea, - the director Museum of Local Lore Tatyana Kozlova thanked the EMCO.

The EMCO will continue to keep the names of the heroes-countrymen participating in the Great Patriotic War. So this year, memorial plaques will be installed in honor of Alexander Samarin, Vasily Berezhnov and Sergei Yankin.