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Happy New Year 2023!

This year has been special for us. It began with ambitious goals and global goals. With confidence in the future. With thoughts about the bright future of our children.

Returned in triumph: SakhMC students brought awards from the regional competition of vocational skills

They returned in triumph: Students of the Sakhalin Mining College brought awards from the regional competition of vocational skills

Showed themselves to the fullest: students of the children's technopark EMCO TECH won the competition "Young Professionals"

Dmitry Kuvshinov and Elizaveta Lyakhova took first places at the municipal qualifying stage and won the right to participate in the regional competition in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Athletes of Krasnopolye are happy with the renovated gym

Another sports facility has been transformed in the Uglegorsk district. At the request of the director of the sports school N.P. Karpenko Svetlana Meleshina The East Mining Company purchased new mirrors for the gym in Krasnopole and helped to repair it. As the visitors noted, it has become much more convenient to train in the gym.

770 families received 5.5 thousand tons of coal in the Uglegorsk district under the program "100 rubles per ton"

Recall that the program was launched in September at the initiative of the East Mining Company. Thanks to it, residents of the private sector were able to purchase good quality coal for the winter at a price of 100 rubles per ton.

Shine Christmas tree! The main New Year's beauty was opened in Shakhtyorsk

On the site near the Sakhalin Mining College, a celebration of the opening of the main New Year tree was held, which was organized for residents by the East Mining Company together with the Shakhtyorsk Culture House (a branch of the RCH "Oktyabr").

Boxers from Shakhtersk brought 4 gold medals from regional competitions

Athletes of the "Association Boxing" team were able to prove that their boxing school teaches hard!

Ded Morozes and Snegurochkas of the EMCO fulfill New Year's wishes of children

In anticipation of the New Year, an atmosphere of celebration and magic is in the air.

The EMCO TECH Technopark in Shakhtersk held free classes for students of the Sakhalin Mining College

14 SakhMC students received a monthly subscription as a social grant. 3D modeling classes were held at the EMCO TECH technopark in November and December.

Future polyglots: kids from Shakhtersk learn the basics of English in the EMCO TECH technopark.

At what age can you learn a foreign language? From the earliest. Researchers have long figured out that at birth, a baby can learn any language it hears. The teachers of the children's technopark EMCO TECH fully agree with this.

It's cold outside, but it's warm at heart: Ded Morozes of the EMCO distributed gifts on the streets of Uglegorsk and opened the city Christmas tree

Not only children, but also adults want to believe in a miracle. Especially if it is connected with the New Year. The East Mining Company took part in the celebration, which was presented to the inhabitants of the Uglegorsk district by the Regional Culture House "Oktyabr".

From Daily Works to Spiritual Works: Divine Services Held at the Enterprises of the East Mining Company

On the day of the patroness of miners - the Great Martyr Saint Barbara - a prayer service was held at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine for the employees of the enterprise.