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East Mining Company takes students under wing

Skilled personnel is a problem of many companies in our country. In this respect, the companies in Sakhalin region make no exception. Perhaps, the perceived lack of skilled specialists in the island is the strongest. It is affected by numerous factors, from the geographical remoteness of this region to the personnel training problems in Sakhalin.

East Mining Company Limited was awarded the Governor’s prize for its contribution to non-profit-making organizations’ welfare

At the official opening of regional public initiatives fair Oleg Kozhemyako, Sakhalin region Governor, awarded Ravil Tretjakov, the Vice-President of East Mining Company Limited, for his contribution to the activities of non-profit-making organizations and public initiatives, thus recognizing the company’s general contribution to the non-profit sector of the region. Apart from EMCO only few commercial companies were honored with such an award.

The "East Mining Company Limited" revitalizes the coal-mining industry in Sakhalin

On account of implementation of the project of the "East Mining Company Limited" in the territory of Uglegorsk district, the sea port Shakhtersk has been inside the top five Russian ports, being the leaders due to cargo turn-over growth, by piling up the shipping 162% in comparison with 2016 figures, tells us the correspondent of the Vostok Today.

In virtue of the groundbreaking idea of the "East Mining Company Limited" employees the mining works embarks upon the path

Over the last years the enterprises of the "East Mining Company Limited", in terms of production and shipment volumes, moved to a new level. The extraction of commercial minerals is now being estimated in million tons already. The mining technique becomes more powerful and efficient progressively; manufacturing processes are being automated. During the last few years the "Solntsevsky coal mine" ramped up production more than 4 million tons per year, the "Coal Sea port of Shakhtersk" became the leader, over recent years, among the coal sea terminals in Sakhalin region.

Port of Shakhtersk ranked in top five Russian seaports by freight turnover

Freight turnover of Russian seaports for a period from January to October 2017 has been increased by 9.3% and has made 649.5 million tonnes comparing with the analogous period of the last year. According to the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, the port of Shakhtersk ranked in top five.

Six shooter: the last roads of East Mining Company left the shipyard

The construction of 6 self-propelled barges to operate on the road of the seaport of Shakhtersk have been completed. The last two ships left the shipyard in self-propelled mode and have already arrived to the shores of Sakhalin. “Roads” - this is the type name received by the new self-propelled barges. Their purpose is to transport coal from the dockside to the port's road.

Sea terminal of East Mining Company has transshipped 4 million tons of coal

The largest coal terminal of Sakhalin shows a record result. Starting this year, Coal sea port Shakhtersk exported 4 million tons of coal. By the end of 2016, 3.1 million tons had been shipped to foreign consumers. The increase in shipments was scheduled by the management of the East Mining Company. According to the annual plan, the terminal has to ship 4.5 million tons. The dockworkers still have 2.5 months to achieve this result, but even already now we can talk about reaching a new level of work.

“Raids” Riding at the Roadsteads: New Vessels of the Eastern Mining Company Started Operations

According to Yuri Gvozdikov, Executive Director of the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, LLC, six new 650-dwt vessels were built by the order of the Eastern Mining Company. The project is not typical and it was designed specifically for local conditions of work.

East Mining Company Increases Own Fleet by Eight Vessels

East Mining Company is implementing a project to increase production and export of coal in Sakhalin up to 10 million tons per year. To this end, the company modernizes its production facilities at the Solntsevskiy coal mine, builds a 28-kilometer pipeline from the field to the port of Shakhtersk and modernizes the sea terminal in Shakhtersk, where the extracted coal is sent for export to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Russia - Belarus: Line to Sakhalin

During the business trip to Sakhalin Region, Grigory Rapota, State Secretary of the Union State, met Oleg Kozhemyako, the head of the region and sat at driver’s seat of BelAZ at Solntsevskiy Coal Mine.

Coal-mining history revealed at Mining Glory Exhibition

The Mining Glory Exhibition was opened in Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local History on August 17. It coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Miner’s Day and the 295th anniversary of coal-mining in Russia.

Coal Sea port of Shakhtersk has set another coal handling record

The coal terminal of East Mining Company Limited – Coal Sea port of Shakhtersk – has broken its own record of daily coal handling of 32.5 th. tons with this figure making 36.5 th. tons as of 10 August. CSPS has reached another target figure, raising the handling volume up to 730 th. tons per month in July, having updated the regional record, with the previous benchmark making 581 th. tons in June. Thus Shakhtersk terminal demonstrates handling ramp-up on monthly basis.