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Dear employees of our large team - "East mining company"!

We are standing on the threshold of the New Year, which means that now is the time to sum up the year of the outgoing. "Eastern mining company" - a young company, in a few years was able to achieve what could not be achieved by others in the prosperous Soviet years. Our success depended on you - from the collective, united together. All the established records are the indicators of your work. It is thanks to your achievements that the company continues to grow and develop. Like a family, our team grows in number and quality. During this year, many peaks have been achieved and this is due primarily to the collective.

Time for quantum growth: interview with Mr. Oleg Misevra

Sakhalin is an island of fishermen and miners. Once found black fuel stone deposits in the west of the island allowed coming into being the settlements now united in the Uglegorsk city district. Coal mining has evolved over several decades: until in a moment everything was folded up. Closed, abandoned mines meant immobilized economy of this district. The whole industry remained only in small surface coal mines with production of several hundred thousand tons, whereas their goal was to survive until the end of the year. All this was accompanied with loss of prestige of the professional coal miner.

East Mining Company took an active part in the Far East Days in Moscow

A great event presenting the Far East took place in Moscow. In December 14-16, the metropolis hosted a set of events referred to as the Far East Days in Moscow. In the terms of these events, various sessions took place, in particular, with participation of the federal ministers and large business representatives. The agenda was based on the Far East development, investment attractiveness and future of this territory.

East Mining Company takes students under wing

Skilled personnel is a problem of many companies in our country. In this respect, the companies in Sakhalin region make no exception. Perhaps, the perceived lack of skilled specialists in the island is the strongest. It is affected by numerous factors, from the geographical remoteness of this region to the personnel training problems in Sakhalin.

East Mining Company Limited was awarded the Governor’s prize for its contribution to non-profit-making organizations’ welfare

At the official opening of regional public initiatives fair Oleg Kozhemyako, Sakhalin region Governor, awarded Ravil Tretjakov, the Vice-President of East Mining Company Limited, for his contribution to the activities of non-profit-making organizations and public initiatives, thus recognizing the company’s general contribution to the non-profit sector of the region. Apart from EMCO only few commercial companies were honored with such an award.

The "East Mining Company Limited" plans to construct in just three years the up-to-date new port in Shakhtersk

The "East Mining Company Limited" studies out the project for construction of a new coal port in Shakhtersk defined water zone. This was told following the results of the meeting with Mr. Yuri Trutnev, the Vice Prime Minister, dedicated to development of Sakhalin advanced special economic zones, by Mr. Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of the mining company's Board of Directors.

The "East Mining Company Limited" revitalizes the coal-mining industry in Sakhalin

On account of implementation of the project of the "East Mining Company Limited" in the territory of Uglegorsk district, the sea port Shakhtersk has been inside the top five Russian ports, being the leaders due to cargo turn-over growth, by piling up the shipping 162% in comparison with 2016 figures, tells us the correspondent of the Vostok Today.

Young local painters depicted the "Coal heart of Sakhalin"

In that year spring, in Uglegorsk district, the art competition "Coal heart of Sakhalin" has been commenced, the organizer of which is the East Mining Company Limited. Over a period of several months more than 40 young painters visited, within the confines of the common project of the EMCO Ltd and Children's Art Schools in Shakhtersk and Uglegorsk, the "Solntsevsky Coal Mine" and "Coal Sea port of Shakhtersk" in order to represent in the picture their vision as regards to township-forming enterprises operation. The coal mine and sea port employees arranged the excursions for children with interest.

In virtue of the groundbreaking idea of the "East Mining Company Limited" employees the mining works embarks upon the path

Over the last years the enterprises of the "East Mining Company Limited", in terms of production and shipment volumes, moved to a new level. The extraction of commercial minerals is now being estimated in million tons already. The mining technique becomes more powerful and efficient progressively; manufacturing processes are being automated. During the last few years the "Solntsevsky coal mine" ramped up production more than 4 million tons per year, the "Coal Sea port of Shakhtersk" became the leader, over recent years, among the coal sea terminals in Sakhalin region.

Belarus shares new coal production technologies with East Mining Company

Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EMCО, took part in the meeting of Oleg Kozhemiako, the Governor of Sakhalin Region, and Dmitry Mezentsev, the Senator of the Region, with Grigory Rapota, the Secretary of the Union State.

Port of Shakhtersk ranked in top five Russian seaports by freight turnover

Freight turnover of Russian seaports for a period from January to October 2017 has been increased by 9.3% and has made 649.5 million tonnes comparing with the analogous period of the last year. According to the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, the port of Shakhtersk ranked in top five.

Oleg Misevra: "We initiate the mission regarding the doubling of extraction volumes in the next year"

Re: The plans of the East Mining Company in Sakhalin and for Sakhalin. Against the background of fluctuating prices in markets the success of the Company, which conducts activities for the purposes of export, depends not only upon the quality of products but upon its production costs. The cutting of production costs and the build-up of the production volumes will be the key goal of the ambitious project developed by the East Mining Company Limited (EMCO Ltd) in Sakhalin. The Company is ready to spend several hundred million dollars for construction of the 28-km coal conveyor by means of which the coal will be delivered to the modernized port.