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Sea terminal of East Mining Company shipped 3 mln.tons of coal

Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk (CSPS) set up a new record in Sakhalin region by shipping 3 mln.tons of coal as compared to 2.85 mln.tons in 2015.

East Mining Company signed memorandum with Sojitz Corporation in terms of Putin’s visit to Japan

Cooperation agreement between Sojitz Corporation (Japan) and East Mining Company, the coal mining leader of Sakhalin, was signed yesterday in Tokyo.

Solntsevsky Coal Mine reached its annual targets by mining 3.5 mln.tons of coal a month earlier

The major Sakhalin coal mine (Solntsevsky) mined 3.5 mln.tons of coal by 1 December, setting up a new record, since in 2015 the annual plan made 3.2 mln.tons with this figure reached at the end of December.

Creating the future by seeing the future: interview with the Board Chairman of Sakhalin’s major coal company

Currently East Mining Company is one of the most dynamic Sakhalin region companies with its assets comprising Solntsevsky Coal Mine and Coal sea port of Shakhtersk.

BelAZ will deliver special simulators to Uglegorsk district to train large dump trucks operators

JSC BelAZ is planning to deliver special simulators to Sakhalin to train high-capacity dump trucks operators.

Solntsevsky Coal Mine is in RBS top 50 of Russian fast-growing companies

Solntsevsky Coal Mine, being part of East Mining Company, is ranked 29 with its revenues making 6.46 bln. rubles.

The first SRDC project approved–East Mining Company project on coal conveyor construction, modernization of the coal port of Shakhtersk and coal production increase

Deputy Head of SRDC Investment and Project management Department shared information on “Corporation” success over the past year.

Three million tons of coal was mined at Solntsevsky coal mine by the end of October

Solntsevsky coal mine annual mining plan is almost done. At the end of October the company set up a new record of 3 mln.tons.

The Chairman of the Federation Council discussed Shakhtersk port construction perspectives with Sakhalin region Government

Valentina Matvienko, the Chairman of the Federation Council, Oleg Kozhemyako, the regional Governor, Vladimir Efremov, the Chairman of Sakhalin regional Duma and Valdimir Degtyarev, the Minister of Transport and Road facilities of the region, discussed the perspective construction of sea ports in Nevelsk and Shakhtersk during their business trip to Sakhalin region.

BUSINESS TRIP TO Las Vegas WITH transit through New York

At the end of September the delegation of Sakhalin miners, headed by the Board Chairman of East Mining Company Oleg Misevra, visited the international extractive industries exhibition MINExpo-2016 held in Las Vegas. Dwelling on the issue of cost-consuming business trip, the Head of the major Sakhalin coal company responded that no money could buy the experience gained. He also emphasized that the company would continue sending large delegations to exhibitions.

East Mining Company Limited is assigned “А” level credit rating

The National Rating Agency assigned “А” level credit rating to East Mining Company Limited (EMCO LTD) with a stable forecast. “А” level credit rating was first assigned to the company on 17.10.2013 with the recent rating action dated 23.10.2015 (“А” level with a stable forecast).

EMCO raised coal mining rates in Sakhalin by 50%

Solntsevsky coal mine produced more than 2.7 mln.tons of coal within 9 months this year with more than 50% growth as compared to the same period of 2015.