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Europe Closes Gas-Fired Power Plants and Builds More Coal-Fired Ones

The European Union increases the share of electricity generated using the dirtiest source of energy - coal.

Crimean Shipbuilders Built a New Dry-Cargo Vessel for Sakhalin

According to Sergey Shtrakhov, Deputy Director General on Port Operations, EMCO, "Valeriy Onischuk" will go to the Port of Shakhtersk in Sakhalin Region.

WSJ: The USA Should Place Their Stake on Coal Exports

Coal remains the main fuel of the world and its exports will remain profitable for a long time, experts believe.

What Alternatives to Russian gas Europe Has?

From the point of view of the USA, European strong dependence on Russian gas has become a habit, which must be disburdened.

The Port of Shakhtersk in 2013 Processed over 1.2 Million Tons of Coal

The shipped coal was mined at Udarnovskaya mine and at Solntsevsky coal mine. It was exported to Japan, Korea, and China. 

Germany Increasingly Uses Electricity Generation on Brown Coal

The minimum scope of electricity generated using brown coal was recorded in 1999 - 136 billion kWh, and the peak indicator was fixed in 1990 (170.9 kWh).