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200 hectares of forest will be planted by East Mining Company

At the end of March, the entire planet celebrates World Forest Day. Reforestation is one of the priority areas in the environmental activities of the EMCO. Thanks to cooperation with the forestry enterprises of the Sakhalin region, from 2020 to 2022, the EMCO planted 209 hectares of forest crops. In the near future - the restoration of the forest directly in the Uglegorsk district. The company intends to plant 200 hectares of seedlings. For this purpose, the EMCO concluded an appropriate agreement with the Vanino forestry center. Negotiations are underway with relevant structures. They must identify sites for planting trees.

EMCO takes an active part in environmental campaigns. For example, together with the forestry and hunting agency of the Sakhalin region, the company took part in the all-Russian action "Let's Save the Forest" and planted more than 3,000 larch seedlings near the village of Elochki.

In 2022, the EMCO together with volunteers and caring residents, carried out reforestation activities on the territory of the CSPS, as well as along Kirpichnaya Street in Shakhtersk. Now 200 young bushes adorn the streets of the village.

In the area of the Sakhalin Mining College, together with the district administration and volunteers, the company also took part in the "Garden of Generations" campaign and planted 35 rowan, pear and willow seedlings. In 2023, landscaping will continue and the number of tree seedlings purchased for planting will grow to 300 pieces.

Reforestation works help maintain the ecological balance in the Sakhalin Region. The goal of the East Mining Company is to make the maximum contribution to the development and conservation of the nature of the Uglegorsk region.