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С днем защитника Отечества!

«Восточная горнорудная компания» поздравляет с Днем защитника Отечества.

По итогам 2019 года «Угольный морской порт Шахтерск» вошел в десятку крупнейших портов России по перевалке угля

ООО "Угольный морской порт Шахтерск" (порт Шахтерск), согласно аналитическим данным АО «Морцентр-ТЭК», по итогам работы за 2019 год вошел в топ-10 терминалов РФ по перевалке угля, заняв шестую позицию рейтинга.

EMCO acknowledged the best teachers of Uglegorsk district

East Mining Company became a partner of the municipal contest "Teacher of the Year - 2020". Participants included 9 best teachers of Uglegorsk district.

EMCO traditional winter contest brought together children and adults in making snow sculptures

East Mining Company together with the editorial office of the newspaper Uglegorsk news and regional educational department, held a competition for the best snow sculpture "Snow contest".

In 2019, EMCO coal production increased fourfold

Coal winning capacity of East Mining Company, which accounts for about 80% of all Sakhalin coal production, skyrocketed by 24% at year-end 2019.

EMCO traditionally co-organized the Epiphany dip

East Mining Company annually organizes the Epiphany dip together with the Uglegorsk district administration.

East Mining Company organized a holiday for its employees' kids

Traditionally, the company organized an extensive holiday program. For the employees’ children and grandchildren, there was arranged a fabulous performance, a matinee with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, sweets, gifts and open-air entertainment.

East Mining Company wishes all partners, colleagues and friends the best for New Year!

EMCO upgraded its mining and conveyor transport equipment

In 2019, East Mining Company invested more than 7 billion rubles in the development of production capacity of Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

EMCO congratulated the residents of Uglegorsk district on the New Year in a new format

East Mining Company wished all residents of Uglegorsk district a happy new year in a unique format – the company offered everyone to take part in the adventure quest "Round-the-world trip in search of Santa Claus".

East Mining Company became a partner of Pupil of the Year awards

With the support of East Mining Company, the municipal contest "Pupil of the Year" among high school students was held in Uglegorsk district.

The prayer service on Saint Barbara's day was held at Solntsevsky Coal Mine

On December 17, on the day of the patron saint of miners, the Holy Great Martyr Barbara, a special moleben was held at Solntsevsky Coal Mine.