Supply logistics

Exploitation and delivery to the port

Coal is mined in the biggest Sakhalin deposit in Solntsevo (Uglegorsk District), then it is delivered to the port of Shakhtersk by road.

Distance between the mine and the port is 28 km.

Loading in the port

In the port, coal is loaded from the coal terminal into bulk carriers of 1700 and 3500 tons deadweight. The loading of vessels is carried out with the use of a ship-loading machine, as well as a gantry crane. For loading grab buckets of 11 and 14 cubic meters are used.

The total capacity of the onshore loading complex ranges from 2 to 3 thousand tons per hour. On the roadstead, coal is loaded into bulk carriers of up to 70 000 tons deadweight.


1 - 6 days
Delivery time

The Eastern Mining Company supplies coal to China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam and India.