North-Eastern Coal Company Limited

The company is located in Omsukchansky and Srednekansky districts of Magadan region (geological survey and production sites), Pestraya Dresva bay of Sea of Okhotsk (future sea loading complex).

The company has 3 licenses to explore coal deposits in Omsukchansky basin

(+ 2 objects with reserves in unallocated subsoil reserve fund).

The estimated coal reserves make 100 mln.tons of demonstrated resources and open mining reserves in middle and thick layers (3-19 m).

Anthracites, natural thermoanthracites and soft coal, including close-burning grades ГЖ, Ж, К.

Market outlets: Asian and Pacific Rim: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam.

The first pilot batches of filtering materials were obtained from Omsukchansky basin anthracites, corresponding to GOST Р 51641-2000 “Filtering granular materials”, sanitary and epidemiological regulations. Product certificate will be obtained in July 2016.

The company commenced experimental works on oily water effluents treatment, which brought positive results – enterprises are ready to buy anthracite FM. FM production research works are supported by Magadan region administration.

Experimental batches of AC (active coal) NECC from anthracites are currently tested by potential consumers (gold and silver hydrometallurgy, deep treatment of industrial wastes).

Omsukchansky basin anthracite active coal can be potentially used in hydrometallurgical technology of rare earth metal extraction from the minerals of world's No. 1 Tomtor rare metal field, which is currently widely developed and to ensure the environmental safety of future production.