Solntsevsky Coal Mine LLC

Proven coal reserves of more than 300 mln.tons provide a long-term resource base for the company.

Solntsevsky Coal Mine was the first company in Uglegorsk district to arrange open-cast mining.

Mine operates the sites “Yuzhnuy-1” and “Yuzhnuy-2” of Solntsevsky coal deposit (Uglegorsk district, Sakhalin region).

Coal mining volume reached 4 mln.tons in 2017.

Solntsevskoye CJSC developed the stated reserve within the period from 1987 to 2003 with the production extent exceeding 4.4 mln.tons. In 1983 - 1986 experimental coal mining in terms of the mineral survey was arranged at the site with the total extent of production making 435 th.tons.

According to the production modernization and time-phased performance build-up investment program the mining and auxiliary technician yard was totally renewed and extended.

At the coalmine, we use modern and highly efficient equipment of the leading manufactures, such as BELAZ, Komatsu, Hitachi etc. Solntsevsky Coal Mine is the Sakhalin only coal extracting company using the power shovels with bucket capacity of 22-23m³.

Automatic dispatching system was implemented at the coalmine beyond the measures of shutdown reduction and efficiency build-up program. In addition, the repair areas for manufactures were arranged.

Solntsevsky Coal Mine is one of the key employers not only in this area, but also for all Sakhalin region. The number of staff is now over one thousand people. In addition, the company provides jobs for more than 700 employees of contractors and subcontractors operating in Uglegorsk district.


+7 (42432) 339-95
16A, Lenina St. Shakhtersk (Uglegorsk District, Sakhalin Region) 694910