Oleg Misevra

Board Chairman

Mr. Misevra is the founder and co-proprietary of the company, he is Board Chairman from 2013. In 2003-2005 he was Director General at Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEC). He possesses a large experience in the coal mining sector, having worked as Director General of Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy JSC, Vostsibugol JSC, Siberian Coal Energy Company Baikal-Ugol CJSC.
He was born in 1967. In 1988, he graduated from Kharkov Academy of USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs Support as Economic Engineer. In 2001, he graduated from Siberian State Industrial University`s faculty of Underground Mining. In 2005, he obtained a diploma in Law from Moscow State Pedagogical University.
He is a member of Coordination Council of non-profit organization Business Russia (Delovaya Rossiya), member of the Russian Ministry of Far East Development`s Public Counsel, member of Sakhalin region government`s Investment Counsel. He is also full cavalier of Glory of Mining badge.