East Mining Company - Major producer of thermal coal in Sakhalin region

We are among major Russian exporters of brown coal to countries of Asia-Pacific region.

We control the full cycle from the extraction to the shipment of our product. Our Sakhalin coal reserves have more than 300 million tons (confirmed by State), and a prospected reserve in Magadan region of more than 100 million tons.

mln tones
Extraction Volume in 2019
mln tones
Shipment Volume in 2019
1,39 mln tones
Extraction Volume in 2020

Business model

Coal mining on the Solntsevsky

11 mln. tons
year extraction volume
Lignites (brown coals) 3B
Bituminous (black coals) D

Delivery to the port

By trucks
Till 2022 year
Construction of the main conveyor for the delivery of coal
28 км
distance between the mine and the port is 28 km

Supply to the markets of leading Asia-Pacific countries

10 mln. tons
year extraction volume

Proximity of markets with growing consumption